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Certification Application Info

Certification Application Info

  • National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service operates a certification system in which environmentally-friendly agricultural products can be systematically produced and distributed.
  • The certification type of environmentally-friendly agricultural products can be divided depending on production method and materials used. Agricultural products are divided into organic, pesticide-free and pesticide products while livestock products are divided into organic and no-antibiotic products.

How to receive the certification of environmentally-friendly agricultural and livestock products?

The certification of environmentally-friendly products can be applied by people who produce environmentally- friendly agricultural and livestock products; process and manufacture organic processed products and non-edible organic processed products; change the packaging unit of certified products; re-pack the products.
- The application must be submitted to specialized certification bodies accredited by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (Refer to the Notice).

Process of receiving the certification of environment-friendly agricultural product after application

  • Step 1: Reception of certification application
  • Step 2: Notice of inspection plan to applicant by certification body
  • Step 3: Document review Onsite review by visiting the farm and facility to verify the quality management system and cultivation methods, etc.
  • Step 4: Notifying the reason for noncompliance
  • Even after the certificate is issued, it is continuously checked if it is still produced in accordance with the certification standards. The certificate of organic products is valid for a year.
  • ‘For the detailed requirements for organic certification application such as documents to be submitted and the how to complete the documents, etc. refer to the ’Act on Promotion of Environmentally-friendly Agriculture and Fisheries and management of and Support for Organic Food, etc.‘ posted in the Notice.’